Cultural capital of Versilia — Pietrasanta. Tuscany — it’s not just the famous Florence, Pisa and Lucca, but also numerous small towns, where every stone — the keeper of history. For example, not far from the famous seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi is less known, but it is more attractive from a historical and cultural point of view the city of Pietrasanta.


Sculptures, mosaics, casting shops, museums, the famous monuments of architecture and contemporary art galleries — all that we see, strolling through the historic center of the town Pietrasanta, a city in which everything just breathes art. Cradle of creativity and an international center for the intensive work of art, Pietrasanta is a place of attraction for sculptors and other artists from around the world. In this city have always sought the great masters, even in 1500, Michelangelo came here to personally choose the marble for his creations. There is also a hypothesis that the bell tower in the historic center of Pietrasanta was designed by Michelangelo, and not his assistant Donato Bent, as previously thought.  In Pietrasanta there are numerous art galleries, but we can not say about the Museum of Sketches — large exhibition hall of contemporary art.

The museum is located in the former convent of St. Augustine and has around 600 sketches and models, belonging to 350 famous artists from around the world. In the museum there is also a separate room, where visitors can attend workshops to get acquainted with the process of the artist and plunge into the atmosphere of the workshop. In Pietrasanta constantly holds temporary exhibitions, they often go beyond the museum space and capture the city center area, creating each time a new decoration of the city and filling it with changeable artistic spirit.