Phuket — a beautiful tropical island in the southwest of Thailand. Surrounded by immaculate white sand and stunning blue waters, it is the most popular in the Southeast Asian tourist spot where people come from all over the world. In the past 10 years, Phuket has become a luxury island with a Thai bungalow, 5-star world-class hotels, resorts, exotic nightlife, markets, bazaars, scuba diving, adventure, sports, animal sanctuaries, elephant rides, stunning beaches and, of course Muay Thai.


So rent villas in Phuket — great to see all this firsthand. Also on Phuket interesting one colorful event, which is held for nine days in October. Although the origins of the festival is not known, some say that the festival originated from a Chinese pilgrim group operetta, who fell ill with malaria hitting the island. Then they decided to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray to the gods of the nine that would ensure purification of the mind and body. His recovery and rehabilitation, people celebrated by the festival, which was intended to honor the gods, and to express happiness and gratitude of people for survival, because it all happened in the XIX century, when malaria was a deadly disease. There is an opinion that it is necessary to go to Phuket, previously bought an easel and brush. After all, whether it is the sunset on the viewing platform, the morning on the mountain with 360-degree panoramic view of the island, Villa Phuket, located on the cliffs or had seen a glimpse of tropical undergrowth, you’ll want to capture it on canvas. All you need to do, rent a car, buy a brush and paint, and rent a villa on the island. Phuket is a place where they grow excellent pearls, where the magnificent decoration and products made in batik style. Souvenir products can be found on Ratsada, Phang-nga, Montri, Yaowarat in hotels and Tilok-U-thit. In Phuket visit Thepkasattri, which is located in the north of the city.

To buy local souvenirs, try the beaches in the heart of Patong, Kata, Karon and Rawai. Rent Villas in Phuket is now possible to simply unprecedented, having made just one phone call, you can be sure that you go on holiday great.