Top 7 of Europe’s most beautiful cities

To get to some of them will not be easy, but this is exactly the case when the game is worth the candle.


Tellaro, Italy

The winding mountain roads away from the wide pistes saved this place — tourists rarely get to a secluded harbor. Nearby Portofino Vernazza and pulled the main mass of visitors, leaving the town to the most advanced.
It is very beautiful: pastel colors of the building is literally propped up the cliffs of the Gulf Dei Poeti, named in honor of Byron — is legendary Briton worked in this Mediterranean paradise.


Bibury, England

One of the most beautiful villages of the hilly south-west England. Stone cottages with steep pitched roofs look straight out of the Middle Ages and are surrounded by greenery. A river that bisects the town, teeming with trout.
The most picturesque region — Arlington Row. There will delight home with a touch of sepia, dating back to the 17th century.

Hallstatt, Austria

This village is located in remote alpine areas. The unique, UNESCO-protected Lake Hallstatt and lush mountains, towering directly from the shore.
The thousand-year tradition of salt mining town made prosperous — are all preserved, as in the best of times. Especially good in the central square, among the ivy-covered buildings.

Folegandros, Greece

The island of the Aegean Sea, next to the famous Santorini, tourists who swarmed like flies. But here — all the same advantages, but without the crowds.
White buildings, decorated with bright colors, the ancient Orthodox Church with blue dome. And on the beach, as if created for silence and solitude — emerald waves caressing a pebble beach.

Colmar, France

France and Germany put together their best features in the Alsatian village. Here bake delicious croissants and restaurants prepare the best foie gras and brand sauerkraut.

World War spared the town side, keeping the variety of architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque. Paved paths, quiet canals and old brick houses will please fans of European antiquity.

Reine, Norway

Fishing village on the Lofoten Islands, north of the Arctic Circle. Around the fjords, mountains, sapphire waters of the bay — all incredibly beautiful.
«Branded» from the 18th century bright red fishermen’s houses have now become comfortable cottages right on the shore of the Norwegian Sea. A view of the night sky (the night, of course, white) is fascinating, but in winter you can see the northern lights.

Telc, Czech Republic

A small town in South Moravia, where one building dearer another. Facades Renessanasa in style, with high gables of the building, painted in pale pastels.
In the center — the area, the medieval castle, which is called «fabulous» and the ponds with large fish. City — 1000 years, the castle a little less.