Top 20 unrealistically beautiful places in the world

These places must see.
Sea Stars in the Maldives, colored rocks in China and the Grand Canyon in the United States — these unique and beautiful places of the world must see.

Portal Buzzfeed rating was unreal beautiful places on our planet where you need to be sure to visit.


Colored rocks Danks Zhangye, China

Unique colored rocks Zhangye dunks are in China, in Gansu Province. Colored rocks consist of red sandstones and conglomerates of mostly Cretaceous. Such formations are a unique type of petrographic geomorphology, existing only here. Colored rocks included in the World Heritage List.


Swing «End of the World» (End of the World), Ecuador

This extreme ride in the mountains of Ecuador (Baños city). Unique swing over a precipice located at an altitude of 2660 meters above sea level, offering spectacular views of the Andes.