The worst place on the planet — TOP 12

11. Soaring geyser Nevada

This geyser in Nevada is one of the most bizarre sights of the United States. It was created in 1916 by accident during the drilling of oil wells: water heated by geothermal energy, it came to the surface, triggering a colorful spectacle. Geiser includes various minerals and thermophilic algae which emit jets of water of 1.5 m in the air and give it a variety of colors and appearance of plastic. This terrace is made up of about 40 water basins in the territory of 30 hectares.



Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser is a man-made small geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach. Fly Geyser is located near the edge of Fly Reservoir in the Hualapai Geothermal Flats and is approximately 5 feet (1.5 m) high, by 12 feet (3.7 m) wide, counting the mound on which it sits.

The source of the Fly Geyser field’s heat is attributed to a very deep pool of hot rock where tectonic rifting and faulting are common. Fly Geyser was accidentally created during well drilling in 1964 while exploring for sources of geothermal energy. The well may not have been capped correctly, or left unplugged, but either way, dissolved minerals started rising and accumulating, creating the travertine mound on which the geyser sits and continues growing. Water is constantly released, reaching 5 feet (1.5 m) in the air. The geyser contains several terraces discharging water into 30 to 40 pools over an area of 74 acres (30 ha). The geyser is made up of a series of different minerals, but its brilliant colors are due to thermophilic algae.