The worst place on the planet — TOP 12

In the world there are different places, different for its natural beauty, colorful, landscapes and rich vegetation. Others — beautiful simplicity and subtlety. In this article you’ll find that probably have not seen before: the strangest places in the world, but it is incredibly beautiful.

1. «Bloody Pond» in Japan

It opens our list of the strangest places on earth blood source (called Jigoku, which translates as — hell) — landmark of the city of Beppu, one of the nine thermal springs, which are more appropriate to consider than bathing in them.



The reddish color due to the presence of hot water high levels of iron, which makes this place quite strange.

The Chinoike Jigoku (Bloody Pond Hell) is a hot spring located in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan, and is one of Japan’s oldest, dating from as early as 700. A.D.

The Chinoike Jigoku’s (pronounced “Chee-no-eekay Jee-goh-ku”) most notable feature is its blood red water that boils at over 200 °C.

The blood red water appears to have led the Japanese people to believe it was a type of Hell erupting forth from down below. Their version of Hell in this case is one derived from the Buddhist belief system, which believes in multiple layers of Hell’s, each with a different nature.

In Beppu City there are 8 other hot spring attractions, each with a distinct nature, such as boiling grey mud, hot blue water, milky water, or a hot geyser that erupts every 25-30 minutes.