The most beautiful place in the world

Beauty — a subjective concept, but looking at the fascinating and beautiful places in the world, created by nature itself, comes the realization that the beauty — all around us, and it is impossible not to perceive. Traditional tourist routes and often do not cover a small part of what created the most talented tandem of «architects» — time and nature. Overview surprising in its aesthetic and unique features of the landscape beautiful places on the planet will allow to understand that true beauty is no different availability, but to overcome the obstacles standing in order to see firsthand a miracle — the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Lake of Uyuni in Bolivia



Undoubtedly, the top most beautiful places in the world includes a unique, the largest salt lake area — a place where time slows down. Surprisingly, on the surface, you can take a walk! In the rainy season the Uyuni turns into a massive mirror beautiful area. At 3 km from the eponymous town is the cemetery, which has become the last stop for a variety of steam locomotives that once served as vehicles for the transport of minerals produced from the local mines.

The surface of the marsh has become the best alternative oceans in check and adjust the operation of tools for sensing satellites in orbit. Within the salt desert are located whole of the island, which are cacti flora. The spectacle is so contradictory and beautiful, do not capture it with your camera is inexcusable!