Accordingly Bashkir ancient legend, many years ago there was a giant in the world, it is stored in the huge pockets of his stone belt untold wealth. Once the giant threw the belt and pulled him through the land from the Red Sea to the Caspian.

Thus arose the Urals — native treasure chest overflowing with chrome, gemstones, cobalt, zinc, oil, coal and other minerals. It is not surprising that the Ural Mountains has long been considered the largest mining and metallurgical base in the country. With the exception of the mountains can be emphasized and other natural attractions Ural rivers, rich wildlife, forests and lakes.


So in these forests can be found ungulates (deer) and predators (lynx, sables, wolves, brown bears, weasels), and in the rivers inhabited by otters and beavers. In addition, there are popular all sorts of rodents: field mice, groundhogs, loafers, hamsters. Yearly in the Ural region call in hunters, and such a stir with their hand cast to the extinction of some public representatives of the animal world. Current legislative proposals relating to fisheries, aimed at changing the situation. Ural Territory Flora Still wonderful. Local medicinal plants and herbs known for their medicinal qualities incomparable. In meadows and steppes, plains and mountain slopes grow valuable natural medicines, has long employed in medicine. Among them there are drugs for high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders, and other ailments. Such as hellebore, wild rose, buckthorn, cranberries, thyme, valerian and Veres and many other plants are not only enjoyed great interest among tourists, however, are exported worldwide. Compelling and abundance of Ural more bewitches visitors from around the world. Excursions to the Urals, river cruises and weekend tours are very popular. Countless rivers, what are dotted with Ural spaces, hiking trails in the mountains and forests offer the chance to create various tour programs for both seasoned travelers and beginners. They show the beauty and flavor of this region, are introduced to the local indigenous values.

Ural is located on the border between Europe and Asia and combines all the good things from these areas. This is evident and the level and nature of culture. Perhaps that is why the local places so fascinate visitors. If one day you come to visit the city of the Urals, you will see that it is absolutely unique place, which have no analogues anywhere in the world.