Beauty and the wealth of the history of the city of Lviv there is no doubt especially in the context of the fact that this city is called the island of Austria-Hungary in the Western Ukraine. The UNESCO World Heritage ensemble included historic center of Lviv, which is better known as the Old Town, and which consists of the Opera House, the Armenian Cathedral, the Lubomirski and Potocki Palace, the Dominican church, the Town Hall, St. George’s Cathedral. For the majority of tourists who want to experience all the grandeur of Lviv, an indispensable attribute of a visit to the observation deck of the tower Town Hall, where at a glance see the old houses with intricate moldings adorn the facade.


Observation platform at Castle Hill will assess the unique location of Lviv, where vysochatsya just west of the Carpathian Mountains, as if hiding and protecting this unique city. Targeting tourists who stream to the city increased every year, and after the football championship Euro 2012 just reached record numbers, has led to the emergence of a large number of new and modern hotels and hotels in Lviv, which provide a warm welcome to everyone. In addition to luxurious hotels as a more economical holiday accommodation is offered in hostels in Lviv, which is in the heart of the city opened a large number, in addition to offering economical price sufficiently high level of service. As for the hotels Premium in Lviv — here represented by the network Reikartz hotels and well-known hotels in Opera, Citadel and Leopolis. These Lviv hotels offer their guests services and original cuisine restaurants, and business centers for business meetings, and a SPA-center for revitalizing and relaxation treatments. Another highlight of the city of Lviv is the large number of coffee shops, where you can enjoy this divine drink by local craftsmen. Hovers over the market square the smell of coffee allowed Lviv to win the title of the coffee capital of Ukraine, and therefore every fan of this aromatic drink is simply my duty to enjoy a real Lviv coffee, while enjoying a luxurious exteriors of buildings built 16-19 centuries.

Talking about the heritage of this amazing city is a lot, and you can develop the theme in different directions — from the historical aspects of development of the city to discuss the color of indigenous inhabitants of Lviv, on the European orientation to the legendary figures who have glorified this city. But one truth may be seen as immutable — Lviv — a city in which you want to come back, because there is no man, he would have left untouched.