Summer in the Crimea — is the holiday season, the warm sea, hot sun, crowded various beaches, unique nature and a lot of interest. In early summer, the entire Crimea looks the same green and elegant, but a month later under the influence of the hot sun burn grass, changing the face of the nature of the Crimea on the golden yellow tones. First of all, summer in the Crimea — a warm sea.


Even if the main purpose of your trip is a trip to the Crimean mountains, it is necessary to schedule a vacation on the coast for at least a couple of days. At this time, it is worth paying attention to such interesting corners of Crimea as the village. New Light, Mount Falcon, Mountain Sentry-both, Kutlakskaya bay, an extinct volcano Karadag, Fox Bay, Cape Meganom, pos.Balaklava, The Lost World, pos. Simeiz, cape Aya. Many hiking trails are designed specifically with access to this unique corner of the Crimean peninsula. Summer in the Crimea is hot and dry, malovetrenaya weather prevails. The average temperature in the Crimea during the summer about 27 ° C. Precipitation is low, often fall heavy, intense, but short rains. In the summer there is about 5-10 days with rains in the past month, other days the weather in Crimea sunny and clear in the Crimea. Summer in the Crimea — it’s time to rapid flowering roses, pomegranate, oleander, magnolia, wisteria, fragrant Crimean time to ripening fruit. In the mountains in the summer may be large temperature differences. Cold showers in the mountains are common. During the day the temperature can fall sharply at 10-20 degrees.


Going to the mountains in the summer, do not underestimate them. Despite the 30 degree heat you need to be sure to have warm clothes, even in the campaign for 1 day. Just do not neglect the services of instructors, knowledge of weather conditions, proper evaluation and action — vital in the Crimean mountains, even in the height of summer.

It is worth noting that summer in the Crimea — a fire-risk period, especially the second half of the season. Be prepared for the fact that, starting from mid-July to mid-September, could be a ban on visits to the forest zone of Crimea. Summer in the Crimea — mountains, sea, sun, relaxation for everyone.