TOP-9 stars that are much thinner

Christina Aguilera

Height: 157 cm Reset: about 25 kilograms.

At a time when much stouter Christina, it did not always recognized in the street. Aguilera long fought with their kilos, but then resigned and told fans that feels comfortable in your weight and lose weight is not going to.


Stars that much thinner


But it was not there. In just a few months Kristina has changed beyond recognition. For a month of hard training and strict diet star could throw 10 kilos!

In the first month Christina decided not to torture myself by fasting, and chose a diet, «1600», which consists in the fact that the daily ration is divided into five meals, and its total caloric not over 1600 calories. Such a diet helps to get rid of the habit of overeating and helps to move to the next level — a rigid diet.

With size XL Christina lost weight to the promised S! «I feel s##y and seductive» — he does not hide from the fans of Christina.