Spain is famous for its cuisine, come here to taste the local dishes, tourists from all countries. At the heart of the Spanish cuisine is «Mediterranean diet», which includes fruits, vegetables and fish in abundance. That is why tourists expect to see on the menu at least ninety percent of the fish dishes, but finally noticed that the gifts of the sea fierce competition make dishes from pigs. Pig Spaniards in great esteem. Here it is used every centimeter, even pork stigmas are dried and sold in chips section.


What can we say about the pig thighs from doing kotoroh znamenty ham, with a wealth of unforgettable taste. If you already flowed salivating at these words, instead of buying at exorbitant prices jamon in Russian gourmet shop, it is better to rent an apartment in Spain — and the rest, and will please the taste buds. Almost all tourists being taken from the country home a little jamon, which price range is very wide. The most expensive is considered jamon jamon black pig. These remarkable pig sitting, so their meat so valued on a special diet of acorns, instead of the usual feed. With that in Spain there are no problems with fresh fish, many locals prefer meat, although it all depends on the region. In Spain, each region has its own culinary preferences and gastronomic characteristics. Even such popular dishes as paella, cooked in different parts of the country in different ways. It is believed that the birthplace of paella is the east coast of Spain, where he had a special love rice. The most rich seafood cuisine considered the Catalan cuisine and the Basque country. So if you’re the meat can not stand, but instead the soul asks for a fish, the rent on the Costa Brava in Catalonia will make you a little happier. It should be added that the famous culinary chef Ferran Adrià come from these places. In his unbeaten restaurant previously had to book a table almost a year before the desired date. Unfortunately, to date, the restore «El Bully» is closed. The perfect accompaniment to any meal, without much of a difference whether meat or fish, is a Spanish wine. Prices for wine in Spain, affordable, and quality will delight you. If you want to know about vinadelcheskom process in more detail, then almost all wineries at your service offering short trips, often accompanied by a tasting. A large number of Spanish vintage wines regularly win first place with exhibitions. Wine connoisseurs certainly pick up a bottle of good wine is not inferior in quality cheese, than again, Spain is famous for. One of the best cheese Manchego cheese are considered, izgotvlyaemye in the central part of the country.

For seekers of new tastes, there are goat cheeses in the wine or herbs. This treasure trove of gourmet hiding in small, often family, cheese, where the traditions are kept and lovingly refer to the entire process. Any foodie will be able to find something in Spanish to your liking without any problems. Restaurants and bars of different price categories have filled every corner of the country. In no case, to whom it is impossible to leave the country, not tasted the national cuisine, which tells about the nature of the local people much more than a few trips to the museum.