Popular Men Who Were Originally Women

Chaz Salvatore Bono




Born as Chastity Sun Bono, Chaz Salvatore Bono is a successful writer, musician and actor, as well as an advocate. Chaz is the only child of American entertainers Sonny and Cher. He outed as lesbian by the tabloid press in 90’s. Bono underwent female-to-male gender transition between 2008 and 2010 and legally changed his gender and name. He has written a few books on coming out and becoming transgender. In his books “The End of Innocence” and “Family Outing: A Guide to the Coming Out Process for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Families” he addresses the main issues that people come across when they reveal their s##uality, first to themselves, and then to their families. He was also a member of a band called Ceremony.