What are the criteria we choose a hostel? Over time, the tourists who come to St. Petersburg, have become more and more attention paid to the hostels. Low-cost
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Our world is huge and beautiful. It is impossible to get around in my life. It combines a variety of mountains and oceans, deserts, and forest thickets, hot tropics and the icy tundra. Among this diversity there are so many places that are striking in their beauty and uniqueness.

If you like to travel or just to read and see photos of the different beautiful, mysterious, unusual and heavenly places, this site will give you this information.

The site is also useful for those who each year (or several times a year) is looking for an answer to the question: "Where to go relax in the next time?". Here you will find information about both the most expensive and high-end resorts and islands of the world, and a more accessible for people with limited financial resources.

Besides resorts and islands are also described the city, different countries, lakes and other unique and wonderful place that certainly worth your attention. The main objective of team - tell us that there are interesting things on our planet, which places are famous for their beauty and attractiveness, as well as what is happening in the world of fashion and beauty, what new in the life of movie stars and show business.Creating, we strive to make life more interesting, add new experiences and knowledge, helping to learn something new and interesting. - a stylish, fashionable, colorful and convenient source of useful and interesting

information. Read and comment on, consult with other users and learn new!

Online journal «» was created specifically for those who just can not live without traveling.

If you are looking for a truly valuable, relevant and useful information for your trip, then you've come to the right place.

Here you will find a lot of useful information about the cities and countries. Find out which attractions you can see in the tour, with some features may be encountered in the design documents, any surprises expected from the local cuisine.

In order to find the article you are interested in topics, you can use the convenient form of the categories folder or site search. In the latter case, you must enter in the search box you are interested in and request the system will give you a list of items corresponding to this request.

The site - traveling in a rush! presented the following information:

- Reports on trips, tours, travel;

- Useful information on where and how to travel, where to go and where to rest;

- Useful tips to tourists on all occasions;

- Article about virtual tourism: a virtual tour, movies about travel, 3D Tours, Video-games open world;

- Article about astral travel, sleep and travel outside the body;

- A description of interesting places and attractions, terrain map, photo reports;

- Interesting facts about other countries, educational films and programs;

- News of the tourism industry;

- Tourist humor: aphorisms and quotations about tourism, tourist caricatures of life;

- Surveys, polls, discussion under the heading "Okoloturisticheskoe";

- Shares of the travel agencies.

What do we mean by the word "travel"? What place in our system of values take the journey? How important is it to travel, to know this world and himself?

They say that a friend is known in trouble. But I say with confidence - the best friends are known precisely in the joint travel!

How, who, where, when and how to travel or going to do it - this is my blog. I write about where he went, where else, or simply plan your dream to go where and what are the interesting places. Moreover, the concept of 'journey' for me is not limited to banal hiking with a tour of "duty" attractions and a pair of ridiculous shots "on the background." Believe me, even sitting at the computer, or lying down with your eyes closed, you can travel! Fortunately, computer technology is now permitted by, and to train your imagination, too, is quite simple. Enough dreaming, imagine the places where we would like to visit. Even though these places are not on the planet Earth, and not even in our galaxy ...

I am sure that journey - an important component of a happy fulfilling life, and the rest - an integral part of a successful operation. Without traveling life becomes a dull struggle for existence, and work without rest becomes slavery.

Tourism - is a great way of knowing the world, a way to learn different languages, get to know different cultures, to learn the history of not only his country, but also of many civilizations. A virtual tour can help us if the real is not enough time or finances.