Today, many people prefer to celebrate the New Year holidays in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal. In most cases, such a choice is justified by another factor — in the home country is not a good service provider.

And get a good impression of the celebration of the New Year on Overseas resort beaches would be desirable for everyone. Before you buy a ticket, you need to decide which of the proposed tour operators of leisure activities you need, for example, Bulgaria and Italy, visited by tourists who want to see monuments of world culture. Bulgaria is also famous health resort.


Greece and Egypt selected couples with children, as well as those who potscheslavney — money to Cyprus and the Canary Islands is not, and boast photos with prestigious resorts in front of family and friends, oh how I want to. Regarding money. Many people who go abroad interested in the question: how much money you need to borrow? It is recommended to take exactly the amount that is estimated within the family is enough. It is best to store them on the card. A more reliable — electronic money, so they somehow just no one steal, for example, WebMoney. Take a profitable exchange is quite simple. To do this, you will need only an electronic purse and a good exchange. Fortunately, today there are plenty of services.

For example, a good currency exchange, the pages of which any user connected to the Internet, regardless of the country in which it is for the citizens of Ukraine, can output and input currencies directly to the card with the lowest interest rate for 1-3 minutes. The main thing to remember that in a foreign country or an unfamiliar city, it is unlikely someone decides to file a helping hand, but still free, because you should always be alert. Have a nice rest! And do not forget to take an umbrella — rain when outdoors, and in a foreign country want to see more, the lack of protection from the rain can affect the mood and memories of the trip.