Arriving in Spain, many go straight to the beach and spend there at least the first three days. When the sun and sand begin a little podnadoedat, travelers are choosing to see the sights. Under most attractions includes museums and exhibitions, in extreme cases, castles and cathedrals. Make a visit to the cave, and no one in the head does not come, but in vain.


According to the latest figures in some caves in Spain recognized the oldest in Europe. Caves in Spain a huge amount. There exists for every taste and request. In southern Spain, in Andalusia, you will find the Treasure Cave, located in Rincon de la Victoria. According to legend, there is hidden treasure of the 12th century, owned by the ruler of the Almoravid Ali Ibn Tasufin. If you rent a villa in Spain Luxury you still can not afford it, the treasure of the 12th century exactly would solve all problems. Any music fan will be solved urgently to rent an apartment in Spain, after being read, that in the same Andalusia Nerja is a cave in which mezhduranodnye music festival held in July. Many are now, for sure, presented themselves dancing under the arches of the magic cave to the beat of the music enjoyable. If you go in the opposite direction, to the north of Spain, here you will discover the secrets of 18 caves, which are due to its importance for the protection of UNESCO. The most famous cave of El Castillo takes you into the prehistoric period nehuzhe any time machine. Immediately to the north is another cave called Altamira. Despite the fact that the cave itself you can not get there, the museum has managed to recreate an exact copy of it is enough, where in front of you will appear in all its glory drawings of animals in which the authors lived in these parts for more than ten thousand years ago. Fans holiday in Mallorca will be pleased to hear that at the time of their release, they will be able to visit as many as two stunning caves. The first cave is located to the north in the town of Campanet. The cave was discovered only in 1945, it is in excellent condition and, without doubt, will please the eye to anyone who comes to see her.

Another cave called Drach is one of the most popular in Spain. In this cave is located the largest underground lake in Europe. List of caves given me, not intended to be a full title — caves scattered throughout Spain, a lot of them, and, if desired, each will be able to diversify your vacation in the Iberian Peninsula, a visit to these magical places.