I want to share their impressions about the city of Tobolsk. Tobolsk — a very beautiful city. There are so many beautiful and unusual places. Now, however, I want to talk about the St. Sophia Cathedral, located on the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin.


Sophia-Assumption Cathedral built in Tobolsk Moscow and Ustyug masters in just five years. This is one of the first architectural stone structures Zauralye. Throughout the vast Siberia there are now building more ancient than the white stone five-domed St. Sophia Cathedral Tobolsk. Almost three hundred years it was the cathedral metropolitan of Tobolsk and All Siberia and their burial place. In 1994 the cathedral was refunded Tobolsk and Tyumen Diocese. At the same time the Cathedral in Tobolsk, and began to build the bell tower. Its height reaches 75 meters. In December 2007, the bell tower is set in Siberia’s largest bell weighing 25 tons, called the Siberian Tsar Bell, it is made at the Voronezh factory bell founding. The diameter of the bell is 3.2 m, the weight of the «language» — 770 kg. Just next to the Hagia Sophia is located riznitsy.Ono storey building was built in the middle of the eighteenth century on the site of the Holy Gate with the chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh. In 1796, when the construction of the bell tower came to an end, we began to rebuild the sacristy. The new building was to connect with the bell tower of the Cathedral. But after two years of construction work stopped, the building was used to store weapons and banners, and from 1840 was converted into a cathedral sacristy — one of the richest repositories of antiquities in Russia and church treasures. The building of the sacristy without doubt be the most elegant building just Kremlin. The sacristy was built in the Baroque style.

This Baroque style long extinct in the capital, manifested here with surprising strength and freshness. We invite you to visit this ancient and beautiful city. Tobolsk always glad to see visitors! I’m sure you will appreciate the attractions of this city.