Fans of the movie «Taxi» are probably familiar with a city like Marseille, because that is where the shooting took place all 4 parts of the film. But not many people know that this little town in France, was awarded the title «European Capital of Culture 2013».

Marseille is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Lyon, near the mouth of the Rhone River and is famous for the largest port in the country. Although the town is not a flurry of tourists, such as in Paris or Nice, but it is good that he is the complete opposite of the cities — there are always quiet, comfortable, and friendly.


Moreover tourists will be interesting to visit the sights of Marseille, which does not concede to the sights of Paris or Versailles Avignon. The journey should start from the port, which is more than 2, 5 thousand years and which is still in excellent condition and receives a huge number of ships. From the port for boat trips are held on the island of Friuli, in the Chateau d’If. Cours Julien and Place Jean Jaurès. It is especially interesting to visit the Chateau d’If, which is located on a remote island and can only be reached by boat. Many tourists that the island is known for books A. Dyumy. The fact that the island was formerly a prison, and it was here the novel was concluded on the Count of Monte Cristo. This town is not deprived of their love story. Legend has it that when the Greeks landed on the coast of Provence, in the area lived a king who had a daughter of great beauty. At the feast, in honor of the arrival of the vessel, the daughter of King Zhilpis met with Greek PROTIS and fell in love with him. Soon the pair played the wedding and as gifts received land on which they settled and founded the city of Marseille. Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde is another famous landmark of Marseille. This cathedral was built in the XIX century on the highest point of Marseille and famous 9-meter high statue of the Virgin Mary, who at the height of 2.5 meters and weighing more than 8 tons. The Abbey of St. Victor — the oldest monastery of Marseilles, was built on the burial site of the Christian martyrs, and today is a working church. Garden of ruins — a perfect place to know the history of this wonderful city and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is believed that in ancient times there was an ancient Greek port, where according to legend, the Greek landed PROTIS. Marseille Cathedral was built in Romano-Byzantine style on the orders of Napoleon III in the XIX century that has managed to His Majesty the 14 million gold francs. Beauty and dazzling cathedral speak for themselves, and interesting engraving of the walls and the ceiling is excellent.

The city is a regional center of entertainment in the south of France, so there are a huge number of museums, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, clubs. Marseille is different from other cities in France for its simplicity, but at the same time originality and uniqueness.