If you ever dreamed of being the hero of east fairy tale, to feel like sultan, or the eastern princess, you do not need to look for a magic wand or fairy that can send you into a fairy tale. To visit a fairy tale is very simple. Simply send while on holiday on holiday in Turkey. And you will see — a fairy tale becomes realnoy.Seychas we know that could make that mysterious country wonderful place to relax.


A distinctive feature of the resorts in Turkey is the oriental flavor, amazing, unspoiled beaches, comfortable hotels for all tastes, and of course a rich history, which left its mark on the beautiful monuments of architecture, rich historical heritage. Nature has generously endowed Turkey — here the maximum number of sunny days per year, medical sources. Visitors to Turkey attracts not only the climate and comfort hotel, but also many exotic features of this hot paradise. This country is mysterious, exotic and always be able to charm anyone, even the most demanding gostya.Raspolozhena Turkey in the south-east of Europe, in Asia Minor. In the north-west of Turkey on the border with Bulgaria and Greece. From the north-east — Georgia and Armenia. In the East — Iran, in the south — Syria and Iraq. Turkey on three sides by seas — the Black, Mediterranean and Marmara. Turkey will approach the soul of each room, transforming it into a true fan. East tenderness, national color, incredible magnetism, combined with the European quality of service and an elaborate infrastructure works wonders. Holidays in Turkey — a holiday on the Mediterranean coast, which locals call the White Sea, and the guests — Cote d’Azur. Nature on the Turkish resorts so hospitable that the sun will greet you as much as 300 days a year. A huge number of beautiful resorts are waiting for you to rest.

Kemer, Antalya, Belek, Side, Marmaris, Izmir, Pamukkale, Fethiye — is only part of the beautiful islands that offer you a journey into the heart leta.V Between relaxing holiday by the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the attractions of Turkey — the palaces, ancient mosques, towers and cathedrals, ruins of ancient cities, museums and much more. In addition, on holiday in Turkey you are waiting for a Turkish bath, yacht clubs, diving, jeep safaris, rafting, golf.Turtsiya — a kind of a bridge between East and West, a bridge leading to a fairy tale. Visit Mecca for tourists, Turkey, plunge into the mysterious tale of the East.