Finland — a country with a difficult history. For a long time it remained under the authority of the earth’s neighbors: Sweden and the Russian Empire. At the same time, this domination has enriched its culture. Almost one hundred years have passed since Finland achieved autonomy. All this time it has evolved, and today represents one of the most stable European states.


Tourism in Finland is doing well, the number of visitors increases every year. And for good reason! High level of service, affordable prices, and, most importantly, amazing nature, bewitch visitors. Tours to Finland can be enjoyed all year round. In the summer you expect sea trips on boats, ships and other vessels, dive to the depths of the sea all along the Finnish coast. In addition to the study of the underwater world of sea of ​​bays, divers will stun and crystal purity of Finnish lakes, which then about 190 thousand. Thanks to them the country received a figurative name ‘thousand lakes’. Fishing in these places you will remember for a lifetime. In winter, you can relax and enjoy the colorful views of the mountains and forests in the numerous ski resorts. On the eve of New Year holidays is very popular Santa Park in Rovaniemi — Santa Claus residence. In September, October, February, March, there can be seen as a unique natural phenomenon of the aurora. Then touch the fairy tale can both children and s. Fans of museums and art galleries are often located in the small town of Tampere, in which more than 20 museums. Famous for Finland and its 37 national parks, in which they live rare species of birds and animals. And, of course, the capital of this attractive country — Helsinki. Here, your eye will appear Gulf Coast, rocks, waterfalls, numerous islands and islets, on which stands the city, connected by bridges. To get acquainted with all the important sights of this city, you will have to pay more than one day excursions. Our managers will help you to plan your vacation. Depending on the season and your preferences, we will find you a tour that will leave a memorable impression on the tour.

Buses in Kotka perfectly suited to residents to travel in Russia. In addition, we offer weekend tours and travel for 1 hour. In Finland, the bus can be reached quickly and, most importantly, inexpensive. Discover the magic this country with us! Believe me, you will not regret it!