In the heart of Catalonia, in the province of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. The city of Barcelona, ​​capital of the province, fascinates visitors with its luxurious features. Known for its impressive architecture, art museums and cultural facilities, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities Evropy.Bolshinstvo travelers to Barcelona unite the city with a beach holiday in one of the seaside resorts in the province. Maresme Coast attracts a large number of tourists.


With many attractive holiday homes dotting the shoreline, suitable premises are easily accessible in the picturesque towns and villages dotting the coastline of Barcelona. Beaches in BarselonePotryasayuschy views of the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona is ideal for basking in the bright sun and enjoying the cool sea breeze. Pineda de Mar, Santa Susanna Tordera, Calella, Sitges, Arenys de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar are some of the most popular beach resorts worth visiting on the Maresme Coast. The city of Barcelona also boasts a beautiful beach city with a wide range of opportunities for cultural and otdyha.Istoricheskie dostoprimechatelnostiBarselona is a great place for cultural tours. It is dotted with works of great Catalan architects and artists. The magnificent Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​the cathedral La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milia House and the Picasso Museum are among the main attractions of Barcelona. The town and its surroundings are home to a delightful restaurant of Spanish and international cuisine. Barcelona is also a great place to stay in Barceloneta pokupok.Gde no shortage of holiday homes in Barcelona. The city of Barcelona and the beach resorts have numerous hotels suitable for all budgets. For self-catering holiday, you can rent a cottage or one of the magnificent villas.


Apartments appropriate affordable housing holiday for people who spend a holiday in Barcelona as part of the budget. However, for a pleasant stay in the coastal villages and towns, most tourists prefer to stay in vacation. Maresme Coast has some of the best villas, where guests can enjoy a luxurious vacation.

Villas offer a variety of luxurious amenities, a private pool, lush gardens, a sun terrace, high-class furniture, air-conditioned rooms and fully equipped kitchen. Additional services, such as high-end toiletries, a Jacuzzi, barbecue and a separate playground are available in a number of lavish villas. travelers, villas attract all types of tourists from rich Barcelonans budget.