Defects stars. What they do not tell a Hollywood star?

Bandy legs, big ears, face disproportionate, strange shapes. Never mind the Hollywood stars?

Looking at herself in the mirror, a rare man finds his appearance and perfect figure. Someone congenital defects, someone purchased, some think to fix them, and the rest live with them, not paying attention.

In Hollywood stars also have disadvantages, and many had complexes which they overcame.

Ashton Kutcher

The famous Hollywood hunk is not perfect. Fused «at the root» index and middle fingers on his leg Ashton, not without pleasure, he showed on the American show.

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is an American actor, producer, investor, and former model.



Kutcher began his career as a model. He began his acting career portraying Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show, which aired for eight seasons. He made his film debut in the romantic comedy Coming Soon and became known by audiences in the comedy film Dude, Where’s My Car?, which was a box office hit. In 2003, he appeared in romantic comedies Just Married and My Boss’s Daughter and, the same year, he created, produced, and hosted Punk’d which aired on MTV for five seasons until its revival in 2012. In 2004, Kutcher starred in the lead role of the psychological film The Butterfly Effect and gained public recognition.