Mound Buckle was located in the middle terrace of the eponymous mountain. In contrast to the heap of other clusters of cave cities, cave city Bakla more isolated. It is located far to the north, away from the tourist routes. Of all the Crimean cave towns, Buckle — the least known and least visited. The base city Buckle dated 3-4 centuries AD. Already at that time was a small agricultural settlement here. By the end of the 6th century it became a small town, with a citadel.


The flowering of the city began to 11-13 century. And in the 13th century, the city ceased to exist, presumably as a result of the raid of the Tatars. Since then, the city is gradually crumbling and overgrown. Terrace, which housed the fort is a triangular-shaped area, measuring about 1 hectare. It is enclosed by steep slopes of the upper ledge to the north, and the precipice height of 5 to 15 m. From the south. Thus, the city is well shielded from the cold north winds, but such an arrangement is very inconvenient in terms of defense, with the top of the fort is well sweep. On the plateau above the middle terrace with caves, was economic complex with grain pits. Holes were cut in the rock in the form of a jar — pithos, popular in those days, a large ceramic vessel for storing grain. In such grain pits filled and covered with a stone lid, obscuring edge of the clay to prevent the ingress of moisture. Also visible around the wells are typical groove surrounding the neck, for drainage of rainwater. Grain pits can be found in all cave cities of the Crimea, in small amounts, but Buckley there are more than 150 pcs., Probably the cave town specialized in the cultivation of cereals. Outbuildings at the top of the plateau was surrounded by a stone wall 200 meters long, with a citadel and two towers. From the citadel there is something like the underground passage to the eastern quarter. Going down into the tunnel on the territory of the tenements, could go to the dungeon in the citadel. Near the entrance to the tunnel from the posada it was situated the temple complex. One of the cave temples of the complex is well preserved, here you can see the altar niche, executed in the form of modest decoration carved in limestone grooves.

The second temple was a small basilica ground. Although the cave city Bakla be called «forgotten city». There is something to see and it is worth a visit to anyone who is interested in history and cave cities of the Crimea.