Barcelona winter. What to do in the city? Having made the decision to go in the winter in Barcelona, ​​you will be curious to see what you can see in the city in winter time.But doubt, even in the winter in Barcelona you will be busy! Besides air travel in the winter are much cheaper than in high season and hotels are also dropping their tseny.


Of course, if you move away deep into Spain from the city, there will be colder, but in any case, this «cold» can not be compared with our Russian morozami.Da, Barcelona is the heat that can be felt when the sun shines. Snow falls in some years, but usually it’s an extraordinary rarity. Fun to watch the Spaniards, which results in fallen snow in a crazy delight! All pictures of this with an air as if seen NLO.Sleduet noted that Barcelona is much quieter at this time of year than in summer. Because the whole city subsides after the summer bustle of the rest of the tourist season. So if you like a peaceful setting, not perepolnennyylyudmi city, the winter Barcelona you will surely obraduet.Odin of the main advantages for tourists is that the winter will be able to avoid long lines, it will save time and to fully enjoy the attractions of the Catalan capital . In museums there are so many people. That, too, not least, if you are used to enjoy silence, considering eksponaty. Montserrat located more than 40 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​in the mountains the temperature is lower. But given the fact that all tours are conducted in comfortable transport, cold budet.Esli you do not you like snow and skiing, the ski resorts of Andorra are not so far away. And in order to assess the worth it or not, you can go on a trip to Andorra. It should be noted that the movement of a car on a winter Barcelona is easier than summer. People, like road traffic, much less. In the winter, traffic jams on the roads of Barcelona is practically absent. By this you can not worry, if you take a car. Barcelona in winter — it’s a great place for shopping, stores spend big sales. Discounts starting from the second week of January and last until the end of February. At this time in Barcelona for four days will be held carnivals. You are waiting for theatrical performances, fairs, live music, performances by singers and dancers and a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local gastronomy, taste the typical Catalan dishes.

Restaurants, cafes and street markets offer a special holiday menyu.V end of the holiday — a big parade Gran Rua de Carnaval and the traditional rite ‘funeral Sardiny’. In Barcelona throughout the year hosts various music and theater festivals and other events. The famous Liceu Opera House, the Palace of Catalan Music, ranking among one of the most beautiful theaters in the world — are waiting for you!