Resort Pattaya is called — Asian Riviera, because this is where the beaches are gorgeous beauty. If you vacation in Pattaya then you can go to the zoo with tigers and even hold the newborn cubs in her arms, as well as feed them milk with it. Pretty interesting will visit the crocodile farm. And of course, Pattaya is famous Alcazar show — fantastic show of transvestites.


Thailand transvestite, you can not distinguish from a real woman. This is a truly magical spectacle vivid, fascinating for its beauty and bright colorful costumes from the first minute you carry away. Also, you can learn all the intricacies of diving, because Pattaya is not in vain has earned global recognition as an international diving center. Well, for those who like to eat here as there is room. Kitchen Pattaya and splashes its diversity. Huge selection of restaurants, bars, cabarets doubly brighten up your stay in the resort of Pattaya. Rent a house in Pattaya is not a problem, the choice of bungalows, villas and houses is staggering. But for those who have decided to slightly improve their health, it will be indispensable Thai massage, which is not just a massage, and a whole set of not only philosophy, but also the medical teachings. If you want to enjoy the peace, comfort and bliss in Pattaya, then you should go on holiday in the South part of the resort — Jomtien Beach. It is this part of the resort is the best for families. Villa Rentals in Thailand is very popular, since the prices of good hotels are often much higher than if you remove your house with private pool and courtyard. Now imagine how profitable it would be to have a solid and real estate in Thailand, especially for a man who fell in love with this beautiful resort like Pattaya and he would like to live here much longer than some few days of rest on your toes. In Pattaya there are a large number of construction projects, which are focused on a diverse group of investors. And what did you do next, if you can afford to buy property in Thailand? Well, firstly, the possible option — just leave it to your family and plenty to enjoy.

Alternatively, you can just rent it and have a very successful business. Direct sale of land to foreign companies in Thailand and gpazhdanam zakonodatelctvom in Thailand are not allowed. But these restrictions are resolved legally through the purchase of the land through a Thai company or joint ownership with the Thais. Villas in Pattaya is undoubtedly, and investment of money and ensure that visiting this wonderful place, you will have a rest at 100%.