5. Museum of Art (Aspen, Colorado, USA)

Museum in the city of Aspen in the Rocky Mountains, reminiscent of a traditional log cabin, in harmony with the mountain landscape. The spectacular natural environment to identify the main idea of the project: The lobby and other public spaces are located on the roof — the only city in the terrace with mountain views, accessible to everyone.



Glazed facades of the building are closed weave of Prodema material — a mixture of resin and rubber, placed between sheets of plywood. The roof of the building is maintained wooden farm. Upon entering the museum, visitors climb to the roof in a large glass elevator or by the wide front stairs, separated by a glass wall.

Covering an area of 3000 m2 is located 6 exhibition halls, a café, a bar area on the roof of film screenings, book shop, storeroom and a residence for the artist.