3. Mosgaard Museum (Aarhus, Denmark)

Museum roof — half park, half of the building — like a beautiful slope covered with grass. Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography Mosgaard — one of the main «guardians» of the ancient history of East Jutland. The pride of his collection — runic stones and the «man of Grauballe», whose body peat bog was saved from decay for over 2000 years. Due to the reconstruction Mosgaard was closed last year and a half, but when the new building was included in the final stage, the museum staff began working on a new exhibition of artifacts and prepare for the move.



New building for Mosgaard vneposredstvennoy is close to the historical (since 1970, the museum is located in the same estate, construction of the XVIII century). This neighborhood proved decisive for architects: they had to offer a volume which would not distort the existing panorama, and their complements tactfully. A key role in shaping the architectural image of the museum played itself subject — where, if not under, appropriate to arrange a meeting of all archaeological finds?

The exhibition space of the museum — a kind of system of terraces, patios and caves, located on different levels. According to the architects, this is the best will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the archaeological site and moving from one room to another, to make your own journey into the depths of centuries.