Aquarium, inspired by whirlpools, and a museum, built in the ground, reached the final Architizer A + Awards.

Society became known finalists Architizer A + Awards 2015 — the popular international architectural competition. They were the aquarium, inspired swirls, and a steady museum, built right into the ground. 300 members of the jury, related to the architectural industry, selected each element on the basis of form, function and quality of innovation. 90 nominations cover the whole range of buildings — from the multi-storey car parks to religious constructions, and even public parks. But this year a particular attention should be paid, of course, such a category as a museum. In our collection — the five most well-designed museums 2015.

1. Aquarium «Blue Planet» architectural firm 3HN (Kastrap, Denmark)



The creator of this tank was inspired by the shape of the whirlpool (funnel).

In its entirety conceived image of the water vortex in the form of the building can be considered a bird’s-eye view. But by the Bay building produces an extraordinary impression with their smooth lines, reminiscent of ocean waves. Despite the complexity of the task, the construction lasted only 2.5 years.