20 shocking facts about India, about which you did not know before

No doubt, India is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. It still remains a mystery to most, despite the fact that everyone knows about itself, about its traditions, gastronomy and history. Everyone knows that it is a country of contrasts. Yet in India, a country with democracy, mobile phones developed by the pharmaceutical industry and Bollywood, many strange and unexplained phenomena.


20. It is the largest democratic country in the world

It is known that in India, home to more than a billion people, is the largest democratic country in the world. It is hard to imagine such a huge support to the Government on the part of society, but society, in turn, forces the government to work hard. Well, or there is an impression! So far, India has remained the caste system, which every member of society indicates his place.


19. In India, the 6 seasons

In most countries, only 4 times a year, there are countries in which even less. For example, in the countries situated on the equator, year round warm, and vice versa, in the countries of the Arctic Circle is constantly cold. In India, 6 times a year according to the calendar of Hinduism, the country’s main religions: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, pre-spring season, spring.

18. The national currency

Unfortunately, India’s national currency, the rupee, not allowed out of the country. This news upset the tourists, but it eliminates speculation currency. Although the locals are trying to take out currency and gamble with a neighboring Bangladesh, it’s happening on a small scale. More and more Indians are beginning to use the cards.

17. More than 25% of India’s population illiterate

India — a country of contrasts. The country has a number of live rich and poor, literate and people who can not read and write, and this magnificent structure as the Taj Mahal is adjacent to the shacks. The country has only 65% literacy rate. Among the educated women are 45% and among men — 75%. Despite the relatively high literacy in India’s high levels of poverty.

16. India is growing

The population continues to grow. It is said that by 2028 India will overtake China. Already today it has exceeded the total number of population of Western Europe.

15. India was once an island

In the days of Pangaea all continents were one large land plot. Due to tectonic processes huge part began disconnected. It was then India and the beginning of a journey separately from the other parts. Later, she came across a piece that today is Asia, and stopped.

14. In India, more than 1,000 languages

In India, people say 1,000 different languages and dialects. The traveler does not help and phrasebook, as many local dialects and languages are radically different. However, most people know Hindi.

13. In India, a high level of death

India has the highest percentage of mortality in the world. The main reason for this phenomenon — traffic accidents. Traffic on the roads in India, especially in cities, is extremely intense, and it is not adjustable. To safely maneuver between cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, pedestrians and animals, you have to have talent. People are dying under the wheels of cars or due to suffocation in crowded buses. Contributing to the high mortality rate makes and mortality of newborn children and pregnant women due to a lack of skilled medical care. In addition, still killed for infidelity and dowry.

12. In India, the film industry is flourishing

When it comes to the movies, then all have associations with Hollywood. However India films produced annually about 1100, which is two times higher than in the US. Believe it or not, but most do not produce Indian films in Bollywood. Although many people like colorful, emotional, expressive films of Bollywood stars, this is only a small part of the entire Indian film production.

11. India beats records

Passion Indians to record in different areas can be called strange. For example, in the Guinness Book of Records recorded the record for the world’s largest quilt, crocheted. India has built the largest peacock made of metal in the world. It reported record for the largest mass execution of the national anthem.

10. Mumbai

Everyone knows the problem that occurs in multi-million dollar mega-cities around the world — it is air pollution from vehicle exhaust, which is shown visually in the presence of smog, and physically in difficulty breathing. Most of all it is famous for China, but in Mumbai the situation is even worse. Stay in Mumbai or Delhi one day equates to to smoking 100 cigarettes. According to the World Health Organization in these cities each year from lung cancer and asthma, 1.5 million people die.

9. India has the highest number of vegetarians

While most people in India consume vegetarian food in Indian cuisine has a very tasty dish of chicken, goat, lamb. But in India, the highest number of vegetarians. The Indian Golden Temple daily free hand out thousands of vegetarian meals to the poor and homeless. Certainly here to try paneer, naan and Biryani — dishes of vegetables and rice.

8. 53% of homes without running water and sewage systems

In urban India, the people dying under the wheels of cars, from air pollution, but also from the lack of hygiene, since in 53% of homes there is no water supply and sewerage.

7. For a dowry in India every hour killed a girl

Dowry — an ancient Indian tradition. When a man and woman getting married (often for their parents make the choice of) the bride and her family provide a large sum of money the groom’s family. This is especially large amounts, when, after marriage they are going to improve their social status and caste. Unfortunately, because of this money every hour in India, killing one girl.

6. 70% of the world market of spices India belongs

Each spoonful of almost all Indian dishes can be found turmeric, coriander, mustard, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, chili. Not surprisingly, 70% of the world reserves of spices are of Indian origin. If you want to try a native Indian dish, it is best to go on a visit to any Indian family. In the preparation of dishes they spend a few hours, a huge variety of spices — this art is difficult to learn.

5. Slavery in India

Unfortunately, slavery exists in India today. Number of slaves up to 14 million people. For a long time this subject is silent, and it did not pay attention. People in many countries, even could not think that in India there is slavery, which exists due to imperfect legislation, corruption in local government. Most slaves — a poor illiterate women and children who are forced into hard labor and prostitution.

4. In India, the percentage of high poverty

Besides slaves, in India, a lot of the poor. A large number of families with children living on the streets, collect alms. In India, the average person has to work for 14-16 hours in order to earn a little money. On an average day earn up to $ 1.25. The government is trying to pay benefits to the poor, stimulate the development of rural areas and motivate the poor to engage in farming, but to no avail.

3. Women in India

In the world there are a number of developed countries where equally equally respect the rights of men and women. In India, some families deliberately kill baby girls because they will not be able to continue the race. From 100 to 500 thousand girls are killed every year in the country, just because of their gender. There are practicing selective abortion, which was officially banned in 1994. Those girls who manage to survive are often humiliated all his life from the male population. If we talk about the medicine, the more attention and respect, referring to the vaccination and treatment, to show boys and men.

2. In India, celebrate the day of death

In accordance with the traditions of Hinduism, which is very common in India, the day of the funeral of the deceased is celebrated and commemorated by relatives. Most often in India burned the bodies, and the funeral are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat meat products, it also applies to the next 12 days. The eldest son in the family pours the ashes of the deceased in the water of any water body in the vicinity, it may be an ocean, sea, river, lake. Relatives and friends of the family say the death of the deceased, wishing him a happy afterlife.

1.Molochny cocktail with marijuana

In ancient times in India marijuana used for different purposes. Today, it is absolutely legal effect, marijuana use in different types, although there are some limitations that are associated with religion and traditions. For example, it is added to dishes prepared therefrom milkshakes. It is one of the five sacred plants, which are mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts. Marijuana is used for the treatment of various diseases, and during religious ceremonies. Hindus believe that Shiva is also used marijuana.