20 most beautiful medieval castles in Germany

9. Burghausen Castle — Burg Burghausen The former residence of a German noble family of Wittelsbach. The castle is located in the same Bavarian town near the Austrian border. Stretching more than a kilometer on a narrow elongated ridge, he entered in the Guinness Book of Records as «the world’s longest castle.»

The first mention of strengthening in Burghausen is dated 1025 year. Destroyed in the Napoleonic era and restored in 1896.



The castle hill was already settled in the Bronze Age. The castle was transferred to the Wittelsbachs after the death of the last count of Burghausen, Gebhard II, in 1168. In 1180 they were appointed dukes of Bavaria and the castle was extended under Duke Otto I of Wittelsbach.

With the first partition of Bavaria in 1255, Burghausen Castle became the second residence of the dukes of Lower Bavaria, the main residence being Landshut. In 1255 under Duke Henry XIII the work for the main castle commenced. In 1331 Burghausen and its castle passed to Otto IV, Duke of Lower Bavaria.

Under the dukes of Bavaria-Landshut, the fortifications were extended around the entire castle hill. Starting with Margarete of Austria, the deported wife of the despotic Duke Henry XVI, the castle became the residence of the Duke’s consorts and widows, and also a stronghold for the ducal treasures. In 1447 Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria died in the castle as Henry’s prisoner. Under Duke Georg of Bavaria the work was completed and Burghausen Castle became the strongest fortress of the region.