20 most beautiful medieval castles in Germany

15. Castle Braunfels — Schloss Braunfels is located a few kilometers from the River Lahn between the cities of Weilburg and Wetzlar. It is still owned by the descendants of the ancient ducal and princely family. The first written mention is dated 1246 year.

The castle was significantly expanded in the XV-XVII centuries. In the middle of the XIX century, reconstructed in the neo-Gothic style. The premises are located objects from the collection of XIII-XIX centuries.



The climatic spa of Braunfels lies at a height of some 100 m above the Lahn valley. It is 9 km southwest of Wetzlar, and 28 km northeast of Limburg an der Lahn.

Braunfels borders in the northwest on the town of Leun, in the north on the town of Solms, in the east on the community of Schöffengrund, in the southeast on the community of Waldsolms, in the south on the community of Weilmünster, and in the west on the town of Weilburg and the community of Löhnberg.

Besides the main town, which bears the same name as the whole, there are outlying centres called Altenkirchen, Bonbaden, Neukirchen, Philippstein and Tiefenbach

Currently, Bonbaden, a picturesque place in the Solmsbach valley, is home to about 1600 people, who maintain a very active club life. Moreover, Bonbaden has a primary school and an Evangelical and Catholic church. A cultural highlight is the Freilichtbühne Bonbaden, known far and wide, which presents two different plays for children each summer, and an evening play for adults.