20 most beautiful medieval castles in Germany

11. Trausnitz Castle — Burg Trausnitz Ducale residence in the Bavarian town of Landshut. The castle was built in 1204 on a hill near the river Isar, after expanding holdings kind of Wittelsbach in Lower Bavaria.

During the reign of Frederick II of Staufen castle became one of the main centers of power of the Holy Roman Empire. Among the guests were the legendary castle minnesingers Tannhäuser and Walther von der Vogelweide.



The Knights’ Hall of Castle Trausnitz belongs to the main buildings of the 13th century and there were already around 1260/70. The room is 245 m² and is separated in two naves, to four «Jochen» a nave. The constructions that were used belong to the time period of the so-called «Zisterziensergotik». Today the Knights’ Hall is used for festival banquets or for short exhibitions.

The «Loggia», already called so since 1493, was finished in the 16th century. The Tower Terrace sports a great view of the city through the round arcs. On the east side there is a stair tower. The wooden ceiling with shaped rosettes is descended from the time of Wilhelm V. There is a stone walled music platform on the south side of the room. The «Söller» is today used for many different functions, and it holds a maximum of 99 people.