20 most beautiful medieval castles in Germany

Ancient romantic contemporary German landscapes.

In Germany, there are more than 25 thousand palaces, castles and fortresses, was the residence of noble families, as well as wearing military-strategic function. Many survived only in the form of romantic ruins, such as the famous ruins of Heidelberg (Heidelberg or). Some remained in the ownership of the descendants of the ancient German birth, others have become museums, hotels, camp sites.

On the beauty of castles, as tastes, arguing difficult, so any attempt to create an objective ranking of the most beautiful and famous of them are doomed to protests connoisseurs or those who have been in some other places. However, the favorites, appearing regularly in various German lists, it is possible to make the Gold twenty medieval stone attractions Germany.

20 most beautiful medieval castles in Germany:



1. Castle Eltz — Burg Eltz Castle Eltz hide away in a quiet forest a few kilometers from the shores of the Moselle River. His image adorned the bill in the 500 DM sample 1960. Many centuries their own representatives of the same noble family — already in the 33 th generation.

Erected as experts suggest, in the XII century, the first time it is mentioned in the dedication to the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.