10 tallest buildings of the world

10. Ostankino Tower



The height of the television and radio broadcasting tower located in Moscow — 540 m. A full member of the International Federation of great towers, this building is considered to be the highest in Europe. The chief designer Nikolai Nikitin made it up the tower project literally overnight. The prototype of the future «Ostankino» was inverted flower lily. action television tower transmitters Zone covers an area with a population of over 15 million people.

Ostankino Tower is a television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia, owned by the Moscow branch of unitary enterprise Russian TV and Radio Broadcasting Network. Standing 540.1 metres tall, Ostankino was designed by Nikolai Nikitin. It is currently the tallest freestanding structure in Europe and 11th tallest in the world. The tower was the first free-standing structure to exceed 500 m in height. Ostankino was built to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. It is named after the Ostankino district of Moscow in which it is located.