10 Hollywood stars bankrupt

Famous, successful, wealthy — they were floating on the ocean of life in their luxurious white yachts, did not know of any troubles or needs. «May we live this way! Yes, they have money to burn! «- They were jealous of mere mortals, living on one salary. A stellar cast, popular singers, known billionaires continue in sweet dreams, anything and anyone not paying attention. But when fate decided to test their strength and ability to get out of difficulties. It so happens that suddenly collapsed all being, acquired a wealth of gold-bearing sand has flowed into the wrong hands.

Al Pacino



Don Corleone would die laughing if he was told that he was bankrupt and it circled around her finger. Star actor Al Pacino, unlike your favorite character in the movie, only to loss and grief clung to a gentle shoulder his young sweetheart Lucille Solo. And with good reason to miss! Al Pacino has invested in the financial pyramid «Ponzi» so that he lost all the multi-million dollar savings. Now it’s all in the works, is taken for any work to restore his reputation. By the way, the veteran Hollywood is very supportive of his young passion. And Pacino praised her dedication and support for the dignity — made her an offer! However, Al Pacino was not discouraged — on the screens out the new movie with his participation «humiliation», and in the near future, another two premieres — «Gotti: In the shadow of my father» and «King Lear.»